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Programs / Activities

Clubs and Extra-Curricular Activities

Each club/organization sponsor will present members with information regarding eligibility, fees, rules, and expectations specific to that club. Unless an organization has more stringent requirements, ALL club members must have and maintain a 1.5 gpa and have no more than 2 major disciplinary infractions. Major disciplinary infractions are defined as suspensions, Saturday Support, or two assignments of In-School Support, regardless of the number of days. Students are expected to adhere to the requirements set forth. If a student is deemed ineligible because of grades, discipline, etc., then s/he will be notified by the sponsor and will no longer be allowed to participate in club meetings, functions, etc. The following is a list of clubs offered at Folsom Jr. High and the current sponsors.

Club Day Schedule

  • 1st hour - P.A.C. (Principal's Advisory Council)
  • 2nd hour - S.A.V.E. Promise Club
  • 3rd hour - N.A.C. (Nutritional Advisory Council)
  • 4th hour - 4-H
  • 5th hour - 7th & 8th grade Band
  • 6th  hour - (12:12 to 1:02) FFA
  • 7th hour - Honor Society
  • 8th hour - Student Council

Talented Department

The following talented classes are offered one day per week. Students participate in talented classes through an IEP - Individualized Education Plan. Students interested in trying out for talented classes can see our school counselor, Mrs. Carolina Morris, for more information.