PTA Officers:

President - Heather Truett
Vice President - Lindsay Pitre
Secretary - Cheryl Wainright
Treasurer - Angela Keys
Membership Chair - Romina Farkas
Helping Hands Leader - Nikki Caminita

Incoming Officers

President - Nikki Caminita
Vice President - Bridget Andersen
Secretary - Lindsay Pitre
Treasurer - Susan Roth
Volunteer Coordinator - Tamara Davis
8th Grade Rep - Nicole Atkins
Honor Roll Breakfast Coordinators -
Belky Quigley & Maria Harter





PTA Logo

Thank you for supporting the FJH PTA!

PTA Membership Form

Print the form and
send in to the office
with your dues.

Please note - the membership and volunteer form are all on the same page now. Thanks!



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